Friday, January 30, 2015

Comic Round-Up: January 30, 2015

Gotham by Tyler Champion

Interview: Cullen Bunn, Brian Churilla and Mike Norton discuss their collaboration on The Sixth Gun: Days of the Dead.

Interview: Duane Swiercznyski Puts On the Black Hood

Interview: Gene Luen Yang goes into depth with him in an interesting discussion of Yang’s Christianity, the decisions he made when creating Boxers and Saints, and how being a judge in the National Book Awards changed his approach to his work.

Interview: Lauren Beukes on Sensation Comics Featuring Wonder Woman

Interview: Matt Haley talks about the nuts and bolts of his job, which includes work for DC Comics, Dark Horse and Marvel; he’s currently illustrating Wonder Woman ’77.
Interview: Nina Bunjevac talks about her graphic novel Fatherland

Interview: Watch Ricky Jay and Art Spiegelman in Conversation on PBS.

Interview: Writers Emma Beeby and Gordon Rennie talk about their graphic novel Robbie Burns: Witch Hunter, and artist Tiernen Trevallion shows off some sketches and finished pages.

Reviews:  Matt Adams on Savage Hulk.  Comic Beat on Effigy #1.  Rich Griset on Street Angel #1.  Abhay Khosla on The Names #1.  J. Caleb Mozzocco calls The Multiversity: Guidebook the most DC comic ever.  Nicole Rudick on The Complete Zap.  Gary Tyrrell on The Sculptor.

5 Ways You Know the Marvel Universe Really Is Ending

10 Best Comic Book Animated Series of All Time

Graphic Novel Reporter posts its picks from the winter 2015 releases.

Harley Quinn Sings a parody of Total Eclipse Of The Heart, "Total Collapse of the Bat"

IGN takes a stab at Ranking DC's 15 Event Comics. Somehow, they chose Final Crisis for the number one slot, which I find to be a questionable choice, but the article itself is very well written.

Kenny Jacobs, owner of Nuclear Comics in Laguna Hills, California, talks about his store, which just celebrated its 20th anniversary, how he chooses his inventory and how things have changed over the years.

Ng Suat Tong rounds up the best comics criticism of 2014. It was an anemic year.

Outerplaces has compiled a post of the Best and Worst Internet Reactions to Mehcad Brooks's Casting as Jimmy Olsen

Rob Salkowitz looks at the comiXology Submit program and sees a lot of diversity and a lot of potential, although without actual sales numbers it’s hard to say for sure.

Thrillbent co-founder John Rogers says that while his partner Mark Waid was interested in the storytelling possibilities of digital comics, he was intrigued by digital as a delivery system: “It is very hard to make a living doing comics, and in theory it should be cheap! It’s a writer and an artist. What can you do, how can we open this up so that creators can get their stuff out to the audience without having to mortgage the house?”

Todd Allen, author of Economics of Digital Comics, offers eight tips for turning your digital comics into a business.

Which Spider-Verse Spideys should get an ongoing series?

Why Marvel Still Needs the Ultimate Universe.

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