Thursday, January 29, 2015

Artist: Carnet de Nesskain

Carnet de Nesskain recently created a series of Harry Potter fan art that could pass for the start of a comic series.  He drew one page for each of the books in the series.  They're all beautiful, and I wish there were more to come, but Nesskain makes it clear on his Tumblr that this is a project he's working on in his spare time.  Sooo... I'm guessing he's not planing on adapting the entire series page by page.

"Work in progress - doing some fanart when I got “free” time :D… always having a messy process when I have a lot of elements to handle."

Work in progress !

"My favorite book!
It’s the first time I had to deal with so many layers, I got lost so many times ahah…"
Work in progress - a little bit of action.

"My favorite moment from the serie. I started those fanarts because I wanted to illustrate this moment, but it was impossible to me to make a simple illustration of it and decided to deal it as comic pages. It was hard, I tried many possibilities it was very sophisticated but I realized the simplest the better.

Lupin is my favorite character I think !"

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