Thursday, January 29, 2015

Comic Round-Up: January 29, 2015

Mr. Freeze by Vablo

Interview: Bleeding Cool interviews Jeff Lemire And Dustin Nguyen, of Descender.

Interview: Carey & Gross Close the Book on "The Unwritten: Apocalypse"

Interview: The Guardian calls Bryan Talbot the father of the British graphic novel

Interview: How Stan Lee is bringing women and minorities to the comic world

Interview: At Nerdist, Scott Snyder talks Wytches and Batman

News: Gail Simone and Jim Calafiore's Leaving Megalopolis was the top-selling comic on comiXology Submit in 2014.  The crowdfunded graphic novel topped the chart published by the digital platform's self-publishing portal.

Reviews: Beat on Munchkin #1. Colm Creamer on Nikolai Dante Volume One: The Romanov Dynasty. Nicole Rudick on The Complete Zap. Hannah Means Shannon on The Sculptor. Chris Sims on Gotham Academy. Gary Tyrrell on The Sculptor.

8 Tips for Turning Your Digital Comics into a Business

10 Superhero Movies You Don’t Need to Watch Twice.

11 Graphic Novels That Are Colorful Enough To Liven Up The Long Winter

Boom! Studios Aims For More Diversity with 'Push Comics Forward' Campaign

Committed: The Naked Power of Outsider Superheroes

The day Gail Simone met Joss Whedon: Comic book writer Gail Simone tweets about her first encounter with Joss and Wonder Woman.

Infographic: The Infinity Gauntlet from Avengers: Infinity War

Eight years after the controversial Spider-Man: One More Day storyline erased the "spider-marriage" from Marvel comics continuity, Marvel now teases a forthcoming storyline Spider-Man: Renew Your Vows.  For a comicbook world that never split up the Peter/MJ relationship and that is also completely insane, you have the Amazing Spider-Man newspaper strip. As Chris Sims describes it, "There is so much I love about this comic strip. It is beautiful and perfect in so many ways, and all of those ways are monumentally dumb."  For an almost-terrifyingly-detailed history of Mary Jane Watson and the Peter/MJ relationship in Spider-Man lore, check out the commentary "Why did it have to be you, Mary Jane?" by J.R. Fettinger.

The Flash Used A Formerly Lame Villain To Make A Nearly Perfect Episode

"I knew, from a very early age, that there was love in my house, imperfect love, love that was built, decided upon, as opposed to magicked into existence. That was how Peter loved Mary Jane." In The Atlantic, Ta-Nehisi Coates reflects on love and marriage as portrayed between Peter "Spider-Man" Parker and Mary Jane Watson.

Mike Carey and Peter Gross bring The Unwritten to a close

The New Milestone Media, and the Future We Deserve

The Pryde Scale or Fun With Aging in the Marvel Universe

Why I want the fantastic four NOT to flop!

World War Z author Max Brooks honours WW1's Harlem Hellfighters in new graphic novel

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