Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Short Film: ANYA

"ANYA" Written and Directed by Damien O'Connor of Brown Bag Films

"Anya" is intended to raise funds to from the Irish charity "To Russia With Love," an organization on a mission to act as a guardian to children without parents and turn them into successful parents, thus breaking the cycle of abandonment. It follows the life of an abandoned child over the course of two decades as she grows up in a Russian orphanage.  It's pretty much as adorable as you might imagine from the still frame of the embedded video and as moving as you'd guess a fundraising video created for a charitable organization would have to be.

The project began with O’Connor visiting one of the charity’s set ups, the Hortolova Orphanage in Russia. There the writer/director met with children and heard their stories. Singapore’s Infinite Studios, moved by the children’s circumstances, offered their services for free. Over all 80 people spread across five countries contributed to the production of Anya. The short is produced by Edel Byrne with original music by Darren Hendley (The Octonauts, Olivia) and is narrated by Russian actress Chulpan Khamatova, with vocal contributions by Irish singer Lisa Hannigan.

Read an interview with the director at Skwigly.

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