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Video Round-Up: January 27, 2015

Is there anything more depressing than getting lost on Facebook, sifting through all of your successful friends’ pages? You’ll stumble upon a picture of their new house, and before your know it, it’s 5 AM and you’re a miserable, jealous mess. Comedian Pat Regan sings about this Internet phenomenon in this hilariously true College Humor music video.
"Comedian Pat Regan's anthem for the most common of Facebook behaviors."

Welcome to The Geek Art Gallery's daily Video Round-Up, in which we collect the geekiest videos from around the web each day for your enjoyment. Why slog through page after page of kitten and baby videos to find what you're looking for on video aggregators when you can cut straight to the chase here? Comedy sketches, countdowns, movie parodies, nerdy music, science in action, and supercuts - we've got it all!

Like most things historical, Hollywood has completely messed up the history of archery. Most people assume archers had a quiver to hold their arrows on their back because that’s what they see in the movies. But that’s completely wrong.

Danish archer Lars Andersen is considered by most to be the greatest archer of our time. He proves his skills in this incredible video in which he fires perfect shots while holding his arrows in his firing hand. He can even hit an arrow that’s shot right at him!
"The ultimate archery trick. Proving that Hollywood archery is not historical."

"Jupiter Ascending is out next week. Finally! Hopefully the Wachowskis' newest outing will contain everything we loved about the Matrix. And more. IN SPACE! To get you in the mood, here are seven things you (probably) didn’t know about the Matrix.

We’ll bring you the inside scoop on The Wachowskis’ seminal movie: the casting, the stunts, the leather outfits and all the ass-kicking. Though not always in the way you’d expect. WOAH.

What did you think? Did you know any of these facts already? Did you learn something new about The Matrix? Or did you already KNOW THE TRUTH? Would you like to see a Part 2? Then just take the Red Pill. Or, y’know, leave a comment. What other movies would you like to hear the inside scoop on? "

Animator Neonardo took the oft-copied Star Wars: The Force Awakens teaser and reimagined it as a glowing, neon-filled animated movie. The frame rate is a little bit on the low side, but I guess that’s part of the neon sign style, right?

The roller droid and the Millennium Falcon look especially smashing in neon colors, don’t you think? It makes me want to see an entire Star Wars movie shot in neon.

"German researchers have developed an AI that allows Mario to experience emotions and act autonomously in response to them. The AI also understands voice instructions and questions.

It’s sophisticated enough that Mario can be told if he jumps on a goomba, it will die. He remembers that information. This five-minute video gives a detailed explanation of how, but the gist of it is Mario autonomously explores the world of Super Mario and retains knowledge about it by experience or by being told."

"Teaser trailers and early gameplay videos always get gamers hyped up. But sometimes, even the most promising titles end up in the can end up fading into dust."

Have you ever wondered if the events of Mario Party are connected to the Super Mario Bros. game? Thought about how Yoshi's Island may have led to Wario Land? This video is for you.
"After years of fervent research and study, we place the entire Mario series on a single timeline. In chronological order.

No, we didn't include Mario is Missing or Mario's Time Machine. Nintendo had nothing to do with those. Also, Super Mario Bros. 2 refers to the original Japanese version (The Lost Levels), not the American release."

The Unusual Suspect has released an incredibly badass trailer mashup that combines the visuals from the Star Wars trilogy with the music from the trailer of Avengers: Age of Ultron. The result is "Star Wars: Age of Vader," and as you'll see, it turned out to be pretty damn entertaining. I love that it makes the original Star Wars films feel fresh and new. That's the magic of film editing!
"The original Star Wars trilogy in the style of the Avengers: Age of Ultron trailer."

Scar Wars is an apt name for this Star Wars parody video, since it shows what the movie might have been like if Al Pacino had won the role of Han Solo and brought a little of his Scarface character with him to a galaxy far, far away. In the latest in the "What Almost Was" series from the guys at Mashed, Pacino puts an exclamation mark on the age-old debate of whether or not Han shot first.
"Did you know Al Pacino was THIS close to being cast as Han Solo in Star Wars? Full clip coming soon!"

Check out this awesome supercut featuring 60 epic movie sword fights, include scenes from The Princess Bride, Star Wars, Rob Roy, Kill Bill, Pirates of the Caribbean and much more!
"My tribute to my favourite sword duels in cinema (60 films). EDITED IN 2009."

It's a shame that it's a little harder to call up a list of kickass leading women in action movies than it is for their male counterparts, because they've been doing it forever. While we can concede that Scarlett Johansson playing the Major in the upcoming Ghost in the Shell adaptation is a step in the right direction for the modern cinema landscape (even if it's also problematic in equal measure), we shouldn't sit here and pretend we've forgotten about Ellen Ripley. Or Sarah Connor. Or Trinity. Or River Tam. Or the Bride. Or Jennifer Lawrence as Katniss Everdeen and Mystique. Or just about every role Michelle Rodriguez plays because she's awesome.
"My tribute to my favourite action women in cinema (61 films, no animation). I tried to avoid superpowered characters (Jean Grey, Storm, Elastigirl, Liz Sherman)."

"My tribute to my favourite space battles in cinema."

You might think that with 38 years having passed since the release of the original Star Wars, fans have come up with all of the possible ways to dissect, analyze, and present the footage in fascinating new ways. But Star Wars fans are a persistent bunch, and so Vimeo user Dino Ignacio recently uploaded this supercut of all of the interfaces that are used in A New Hope. It features, as he says, "all the moments in A New Hope where characters interacted with machines, doors, screens, levers, knobs and buttons," and as usual with supercuts like these, watching this makes you notice elements of the film you might not have put much thought into before.
"This is a supercut of all the moments in A New Hope where characters interacted with machines, doors, screens, levers, knobs and buttons.

This was edited without the permission of Lucasfilm or Disney and was produced strictly for research."

There has been a lot of Star Wars stuff floating around over the years, like ridiculous amounts. Of course there are the six movies, with more to come, but there are countless novels, comics, videogames, holiday specials, and much more that form the Expanded Universe. When Disney bought out Lucasfilm they scrapped most of this in an effort to streamline things moving forward, and if you’re still not sure what is and what isn’t official Star Wars canon, or the officially recognized part of the universe, this handy dandy video should help to clarify things. There’s nothing groundbreaking, but it’s still fun.
"Star Wars canon has undergone some massive changes of late due to The Force Awakens and the like. So here I kinda sort of explain what the deal is."

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