Monday, July 28, 2014

Resources: Catan Anytime

Catan Anytime

Friday, Microsoft released a free browser-based version of of the tabletop game Settlers of Catan called "Catan Anytime."  The games was created with the latest HTML 5 web standards to maintain cross-platform interoperability as part of Microsoft's Rethink "experiences."

The game supports four-player, turn-based asynchronous gameplay, and it simplifies the experience with auto-trade and auto-roll features, along with the ability to track games via email.

On the Windows Blog, Internet Explorer group product manager Justin Garrett explained that "Catan Anytime is not meant to replace the board game experience.  We wanted to adapt the essence of Catan to the best of today's mass market game mechanics. The digital version is meant to plug the game seamlessly into our daily lives and grow the way people can experience it."

Microsoft plans to release a fuller version of the game, which will offer complete parity with the tabletop version, in August during Gamescom.

Source: Windows Blog

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