Thursday, July 31, 2014

Comic Round-Up: July 31, 2014

"Hellboy" Pencils by Keu Cha, Inks by Vic LLamas, Colors by Sean Ellery

Interview: Comic Artist Brett Booth Talks Diversity In Comic Books

6 Reason you must check out Titan's Doctor Who comics

7 Awesome Cosmic Comics: With Guardians of the Galaxy hitting theaters this Friday, never has the spotlight on Marvel's cosmic characters been stronger. Characters like Rocket Raccoon and Star-Lord are becoming household names, and causal Marvel fans are realizing that the Marvel Universe has more to offer than just straight-up superhero stories.

Cynthia Rose reviews the U.K. exhibition “Comics Unmasked.”

Image Comics content manager David Brothers explains why this year’s Comic-Con International was a great convention, pointing out that there’s a lot more to the event than movies and television, and there’s a lot more to comics than the Big Two: “Marvel and DC are comics, just like the other publishers, and they make some great ones when they let the creators do their own thing. But at this point? You can’t treat them like the entirety of the comics industry, or even two companies that can dictate the future of comics. They run the movies, and that’s cool, but running comics? It’s just not true any more. Image in particular outsells Marvel in the book market as far as trade paperbacks go, and that holds true in the comics market lately, too. That’s no coincidence. People enjoy Marvel and DC, but they want more than Marvel and DC.”

The Playlist picks 10 Comic Books That Deserve To Be Movies

Strides and backslides: How to tackle diversity in comics

Take to the stars (and beyond) with classic cosmic comics

Yes, Women Want to Be Thor, So Why is the New Avengers Line-up Cause For Ire?

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