Monday, July 28, 2014

Gaming Round-Up: July 28, 2014

Gordon Freeman by Daryl Mandryk

"The Freeman" Half-Life Fan Art by Daryl Mandryk

The Business Insider remembers Best Video Game Easter Eggs Ever

Don’t demonize video games for violence implores the Sun-Time's Mary Flanagan.

Eurogamer delves into the origins of Minesweeper with the original developers.

Game Headlines picks the Top 10 Video Games Weapons

Gameranx explains Why The Term "Girl Gamer" Still Isn’t Helping 

Medium compares Minecraft‘s metagame with Star Wars‘ expanded universe, in which a core work which “calls forth” volumes of secret knowledge and fan creations.

Movies Based on Videogames Suck. Do They Have To? asks Recode.

Polygon examines the ways games stereotype mental illness

Should Stealing in Video Games Be Punishable in the Real World?

VR is coming, so naturally you’re going to need a VR gun to go along with your Oculus Rift (or Project Morpheus). Enter TrinityVR with their Trinity Magnum controller.

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