Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Link Round-Up: July 23, 2014

"Thanks to dA I will be at SDCC again next week to celebrate the love and passion of Art at their sponsored Artists' Alley.  I am really honoured that dA collaborated with me for their official Comic-Con poster, in the theme of rising up and embracing your lives as artists!  To me, Art is always about community, not competition.  Please check out the full journal link here. You can even download this image in High-Resolution for personal use!"
Interview: Wil Wheaton Defines What a Geek Is

12 Ways Game of Thrones Can Make You Feel Better About Your Life

Here’s a simple and satisfying flash game called Purrmageddon that casts you as a cat, piloting your giant, beweaponed battle-mech against hapless military units that you playfully destroy just like a real cat would, given the chance.

Iron, Steam and Coal. Photographer Matthew Malkiewicz captures the timeless beauty of the steam locomotive and steam trains - the steam, the tracks, the folks who run them and just the folks who love them.

Jurassic World Concept Art is Pretty Awesome

A Story In the Cards: The Collaborative Wizardry Behind Making "Magic: The Gathering"

When epic fantasy meets anime...

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