Friday, July 25, 2014

Link Round-Up: July 25, 2014

News: Artist Prints Van Gogh's Ear From Family DNA

In Anti-Surveillance Camouflage for Your Face, technology reporter Robinson Meyer details an experiment in which he tried actually going about his day to day life in downtown Washington DC while wearing CV Dazzle, makeup and hairstyles to confuse facial recognition software. The technique is inspired by the old naval technique of dazzle camouflage, which sought not to conceal a ship, but to confuse viewers as to its size and heading. Similarly, CV Dazzle aims to confuse software by making your face look less like a face and more like a confusing collection of shapes. This proves to have unanticipated effects on how Robinson is perceived by humans as well, providing insights about how our appearance signals our place in the social hierarchy, and how that can overlap or conflict with the digital wakes we leave.

Learning In The Flesh: Why Disney Sends Its Animators To Life Drawing Classes

Lessons That Videogames Have Taught Me from Dorkly

The Mary Sue offers  us a preview of what the rest of us are missing at SDCC. (More)

On Screen and on the Block: The market for computer-created artwork is growing

What The Leftovers could learn from Battlestar Galactica about grief

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