Thursday, April 24, 2014

Sweets: Minas Tirith Cake

Minas Tirith wedding cake by Audrey Konyha Vigh

Every since I first laid eyes on this cake, I can't help but imagine how perfect it would be with an itty bitty Denethor candle on top.  Sadly, this is a wedding cake, not a birthday cake, though I plan on dropping some hints around the house as my own birthday draws closer.

The main body of this huge wedding cake is composed of white cake with strawberry filling, while the cliffs were formed of rice crispies and the fine details were molded from fondant.  I'm guessing that the final tinting was accomplished with an airbrush.  According to Vigh, the whole thing served 180, though I have to think that there must have been some tears when they finally cut into the thing.

I've posted some of the build photos below, but they're poorly lit and a poorly framed.  Amazing bakers the Cake Crew may be, but photographers they are most definitely not.

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