Monday, April 28, 2014

Link Round-Up: April 28, 2014

Prints available for purchase from the artist's website. US$25

Event: Star Trek voyaging to a symphony near you.

The 7 Best New Anime Series You Need to Be Watching

23 Amazing Soviet Visions For The Future of Transportation.

Art Artspace counts down 10 Exhibitions That Changed the Course of Contemporary

Harry Potter Fans, Rejoice! You Can Now Take Hogwarts Classes Online

How America’s Leading Science Fiction Authors Are Shaping Your Future: The literary genre isn’t meant to predict the future, but implausible ideas that fire inventors’ imaginations often, amazingly, come true

Mondo Celebrates Laika With Paranorman and Coraline Vinyl

The Unseen Drawings of Kurt Vonnegut.

What Is Functional Art? (Or, Why Is That Switchblade on a Pedestal?)

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