Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Lego Creation: Venator Star Destroyer

"Venator Star Destroyer"
Source: Imgur via Reddit
"A few months ago I was browsing rebrickable and I stumbled upon this glorious creation.

After careful consideration (read: 4 seconds) I decided I needed to have one. So I clicked the option to buy the instructions and got the email of a really nice guy named Regis who sold me the instructions for 5 Euros.

He can be reached at setechnic@gmail.com by the way... Send him 5 Euros if you can(I would highly reccomend you send him a little more as the instructions are of very high quality) and he sends you the link to download the instructions.

 I then spent about 1 month and a half bricklinking all the parts for this bad boy. Thankfully I was able to source about 85% of the pieces locally as I've got a few REALLY good Bricklink stores in my city (I live in Edmonton, Canada). As for the rest I ordered them mostly from the US except for one or two orders."

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