Monday, April 28, 2014

Gaming Round-Up: April 28, 2014

News: World's first video game stadium gets underway: 15,000-seat "MLG Arena" coming to Hengqin Island, off the coast of Macau; scheduled to open in 2017.  (More)

Creepily Realistic Avatars are giving Second Life a Second Life

E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial is generally regarded as the worst video game of all time. So bad that Atari eventually had to bury over 5 million copies were dumped by Atari in a New Mexico landfill.  One of the reasons may have been that Atari rushed to have it available in time for Christmas. But how bad was it really? Let's Play E.T.: The Extra-Terrestrial!  Now, Fuel Industries, a Canadian film production company, has received permission from the city of Alamagordo, to unearth E.T.  Long story short: urban myth confirmed.

The entire country of Denmark has been recreated in Minecraft. The Danish Geodata Agency has released a 1:1 model of the country of Denmark in Minecraft, complete with buildings and roads. The full model is made up of approximately 4000 billion blocks and takes up a hefty 1TB of hard drive space (first link contains Google Translated links to the agency's website where you can download the map in blocks of 10 km x 10 km).

Errant Signal’s Chris Franklin compares and contrasts Actual Sunlight and Depression Quest, two recent semi-autobiographical games about living with depression, and analyses how each approaches its subject and informs the other.

Sara Clemens shares a story of a particular sound bug in Ico and how such errors can have a catastrophic effect on a game’s emotional storytelling.

There’s hidden beauty in abandoned World Of Warcraft cities

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