Monday, May 20, 2013

Sweets: R2-D2 Cake

"He's finished and delivered! My first really structural cake and he was big, heavy and caused me heart palpitations to assemble at the party. For an epic 21st Star Wars party that I would happily have gatecrashed. He stood at 55cm tall and was so top heavy that it was a family effort to deliver him today (I carried the legs, my dad the body, my mum the head while my other half drove and my sister looked after the kids! THANKS GUYS! lol). He has a sound module attached into the bottom and made R2D2 sounds when a buttton was pressed.

The cake is caramel mud cake with caramel italian meringue buttercream and the rest white chocolate mud cake with white chocolate ganache.

I found the tutorial from Stacked Cakes an absolutely massive help with this cake. To see it all stepped out the way that they have took a great deal of stress out of the equation and I am so grateful to them. They were also kind enough to answer a few questions and gave me the CRUCIAL advice to deliver it myself in pieces.

Thank you to my wonderful family, Stacked Cakes and my fabulous customer Reyna for the opportunity to make R2D2

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