Friday, May 31, 2013

Artist: Sarah Sze

Sze builds her installations and intricate sculptures from the minutiae of everyday life, combining domestic detritus and office supplies into fantastical  fractal-like installations on an architectural scale. Often incorporating electric lights and fans, water systems, and houseplants, Sze’s installations balance whimsy with ecological themes of interconnectivity and sustainability.

The Venice Biennale is kind of like the Olympics of art. Every other year, each country picks a single artist to represent it on the international stage—a weird but interesting way to quantify success in the art world. So who’s the most interesting artist in America right now?  Meet the 43-year-old sculptor Sarah Sze, The Sculptor Who'll Represent America in the Art World's Battle Royale. Check out a photo gallery of other entries at the BBC.

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Photographed by Suki Dhanda

Photograph of rock printed on tyvek, trees, moss, rocks, aluminum, wood, steel, bricks, stone, sandbags, outdoor pump, outdoor lights, mixed media dimensions variable.

"Kanazawa" by Sarah Sze, 2004


"In this eighth Walter Annenberg Lecture, Sze speaks about her work in conversation with Adam D. Weinberg, the Whitney's Alice Pratt Brown Director. In honor of the late Walter H. Annenberg, philanthropist, patron of the arts, and former ambassador, the Whitney Museum of American Art established the Walter Annenberg Annual Lecture to advance this country's understanding of its art and culture. Support for this lecture and for public programs at the Whitney Museum is provided, in part, by Jack and Susan Rudin in honor of Beth Rudin DeWoody, public funds from the New York City Department of Cultural Affairs in partnership with the City Council, and by the Museum's Education Committee."

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