Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Link Round-Up: May 29, 2013

Part of the Star Trek tribute art show, Final Frontier, presented by Geek Art.
Opening June 3rd 2013 at Le Dernier Bar avant la Fin du Monde in Paris.

The 10 best podcasts for designers.

A collection of patterns and modules for responsive designs.

Foldify lets you create 3D figures on iPad. Then print and fold them from paper.

Great artists rise early, stay up late, float themselves in coffee, flirt with amphetamines, drink carefully, eat if necessary, take morning walks followed by afternoon naps, procrastinate, amuse themselves, avoid their friends, hold down jobs, indulge their oddities, and workwork like draft horses.

Install Picturelife on your computer, tablet or smartphone and every photo you take is automatically stored in your Picturelife library. Automatically backed up and accessible from anywhere.

Stupid for Art: So you’re at a gallery—now what?
The fact is, nobody knows what art is or why people make it. This is blatantly disturbing. Some say the function of art is to generate conversation—an unpleasant thought. I’m not sure we want to put art in the same category as skin disease and Carl Winslow: things to talk about on the internet.  This is why so many of us have a bad time at galleries: we try to make art Interesting when we should just let it be weird. Art should never be Interesting.

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