Friday, May 31, 2013

Quick Pic: This is a Bookshop

"This is a Bookshop" from the door of The Albion Beatnik in Oxford
Via: Reddit

An image of this clever bookshop sign from the door of The Albion Beatnik in Oxford has been making the rounds on Reddit.  Reaction have been mixed.  Some think it's pretentious, while others find it deeply moving.  Buried amongst the comments in this Reddit thread are some other gems, including this bookmark giveaway that another reader reported spotting:
“Please use this free bookmark wisely. Do not leave it in the rain, nor throw it at your enemy. Eschew the urge to use it as a substitute memo pad. Avoid open flames. It has a hallowed purpose; it reminds you of how happy you were before you were rudely interrupted by anything but reading.”

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