Thursday, May 23, 2013

Photography: Iron Man HUDs

"An Iron Man-inspired photo series where I experimented in combining glamour portraiture with Sci-Fi conceptualism in order to create a Heads-Up-Display for each color of the rainbow. The virtual interfaces were not constructed randomly. Each suit display was designed uniquely to fit that suit’s specific function."
  1.  Monarch (Red) - Interstellar Flight 
  2.  Paladin (Orange) - Heavy Weapons 
  3.  Vulcan (Yellow) - HazMat 
  4.  Jackal (Green) - Ground Combat 
  5.  Mark 9 (Blue) - Air Combat
  6.  Genie (Violet) - Stealth 
  7.  Gemini (Pink) - Neural Link Prototype 

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