Thursday, May 4, 2017

Sci-Fi Round-Up: May 4, 2017

"GOTG Vol. 2 poster inspired by Roger Kastel's iconic Empire Strikes Back poster."


Alan Moore's 12 Best Answers to the Internet's Questions
Artificial Intelligence Expert Zachary Mason on his new novel, Void Star
Chat With Author Of Feminist Time Travel Book, Bonnie Morris
Chris Pratt Talks On Being A Sex Symbol And Getting Starstruck
Dark Matter By Black Crouch - Excerpt, Interview, Review
Filmmaker Ron Howard Talks Einstein's Genius
William Gibson On Writing The Future In His Upcoming Novel, Agency
Wonder Woman Director On How Success Will Affect Superhero Films
Zoe Saldana On Gamora And Guardians Of The Galaxy Vol. 2


Philip K. Dick'S Electric Dreams Anthology Adds Anna Paquin
So, What's The Deal With The Dark Tower?
Stephen Hawking Gives Us 100 Years To Escape Earth
The Best Sci-Fi comedies You've Never Seen
This Terrifying Robot Can Drill Through Your Skull In 2 Minutes
Star Wars: TBS To Air All Six Original Movies On May 4


Genocidal Organ: Dark, Futuristic Sci-Fi thriller ...
Jack Vance's To Live Forever (1956): A Dystopia With An Anti-Hero
The Man In The High Castle: Subtle Sci-Fi, But Great Story
Tribeca Film Review: The Endless


10 Books That Weren't Appreciated When They First Came Out
15 Classic Nintendo Games That Had To Censored
15 Netflix Original Tv Series You Didn'T Know Were Coming In 2017
20 Bestsci Fimovies On Netflix Right Now (Spring 2017)
23 Ways You Know You'Re A Star Wars Superfan
35 Huge Films To See In 2017
Aerofarms: The Farm Of The Future
Architecting fiction futures
Bestscience Fiction and Fantasy To Read In May
Celebrate 'Star Wars' Day With Elegant Events For A More Civilized Age
Cult Film Star Kurt Russell Enjoying Renaissance
Dwarf Planet Inspires 'The Mesoplanets'
Embrace The Dark Side Of Your Diet On 'Star Wars day'
Fears Of Automation Overshadow Our Road To The Future
Fifteen Of The Most Awesome Fictional drugs In Movies
Gallery: Living The Sci-Fi life At St. Johns Sci-Fi on The Rock
H. G. Wells And The Quest For Utopia
Historic Glendale House Doubles As A 'Westworld' Set
How Ashley Eckstein Went From Star Wars Actress To Geek Fashion ...
How To Celebrate Unofficial Star Wars Holiday "May The 4th"
Hundreds of privacy-invading apps are using ultrasonic sounds to track you sounds like something torn straight out of a sci-fi short, but it's real.
If Sci-Fi film Plots Turn Real, You'D Better Avoid This City
In 'Kill Switch', Dan Stevens Explores What Happens When Parallel Universes Collide
In Space, Everyone Should Hear Saladin Ahmed & Christian Ward's ...
J.J. Abrams Talks Cinema Experience And The Changing Economics Of VOD
Leia And Han Or Leia And Luke? How The 'Star Wars' Cast Answered ...
May The Fourth Be With You All Day During TBS' Star Wars Marathon
May The Fourth Be With: We Take A Look At Our Favourite Sci-Fi robots ...
May The 4th: 11 Reasons Why Star Wars is Actually Irish
The Movie Date That Solidified J.R.R. Tolkien's Dislike of Walt Disney
Off The Beat: Music Is The Reason For The Success Of 'Guardians Of The Galaxy'
Omaze Teams Up With Mark Hamill And Star Wars for Epic Prank
Really Internet: Does Yoda Have A Napoleon Complex?
Robin Williams' Last Film 'Absolutely Anything' Coming To Theaters
Simulations (A Short Story By Marx Mcneill)
Star Wars: Finn Returning In Episode 9
State Of Emergency: Behind Paul Allen'S Anti-Homelessness Push In ...
Stephen King'S The Dark Tower Film Adaptation Has Finally ...
Stranger Things Is About To Get Whole Lot Scarier In Season 2
Summer Superhero Mash-Ups
The Beststar Wars characters That Are No Longer Canon
The Five Best Star Warsgames Priced $5 And Under ...
The Importance Of Philip K. Dick In Cinema
The Navigators, A Feminist Science Fiction theater Company ...
The Origins Of May The 4Th Will Surprise Even Seasoned Fans
The Five-Year Journey To Create The Definitive Star Wars parody
Time Lord Gothic: How Doctor Who Does Classic Horror
Tor Labs: A Science Fiction imprint For "Experimental Storytelling"
Touched By Humanity In 'Remembering Leonard Nimoy'
What Can Sci-Fi Teach Us About The Future Of Health?
What's The Deal With Interactive Storytelling?
Why Do Rockets Need Stages? The Quest To Build A Single Stage To Orbit
Why Hollywood Needs More Than Just Chinese Ingredients


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