Monday, May 22, 2017

Sci-Fi Round-Up: May 22, 2017


Black Mirror Creator Explains What A Trump Episode Would Look Like
Doctor Who Actress Michelle Gomez Reveals Missys Departure From ...
Hanway Films Duo Talk A24 Partnership And 'How To Talk To Girls At Parties"


12 Monkeys Season 4 Confirmed As Series' Last
An 'Event Horizon' Director's Cut Will Never Happen Due To Lost Footage
Arnold Schwarzenegger Returning For A New 'Terminator' Movie
Arnold Schwarzenegger, James Cameron Making New 'Terminator'
Charlie Chaplin's The Kid To Be Reimagined As Animated Sci-Fi film
Did You Recognise The Defendant In C4's The Trial From Star Wars...
Don't Come Anywhere Near 'Radius' At Cannes
Io9 Co-Founder Charlie Jane Anders Wins Best Novel At This Year's ...
'I'm Back': Arnold Schwarzenegger Confirms Return To Terminator ...
Learn 'Game Of Thrones' Language Dothraki At U.C. Berkley
Producer Teases Jennifer Lawrence's Return To X-Men
Resident Evil Targets A Franchise Reboot
Scientists Are Bringing Back Extinct Species
Scientists Worldwide Turn Telescopes To "Alien Megastructure" Star
Spider-Man: Homecoming Composer Michael Giacchino Teases Score
Star Wars: Set Photos Reveal First Look Of Alden Ehrenreich
Star Warsturns 40: Nostalgia And Worries
Star Wars overtakes Barbie With $5-B Us Toy Sales
Take A Tour Through Destiny 2's Gorgeous Newsci-Fiworlds
The Winners Of The 2016 Nebula Awards Are… Novel


The 2016 Nebula Awards Winners
2017 Cannes Film Festival Review
Alien: Covenant and the Too-Many-Monsters Problem
Alien: Covenant: Disappoints At The Box Office, And Summer May Suffer
Alien Covenant expansion of 'Prometheus' universe tries too hard to make us care
Alien: Covenant: Is A Ho-Hum No. 1 At The Box Office
Alien: Covenant: In Space, No One Can Hear Your Expectations Crumble
Alien: Covenant Proves 'Franchise Fatigue' Really Means 'Boring Movies'
Cannes 2017: Punk Boy Meets Girl (From Mars) In Neil Gaiman's Comedy
How To Talk To Girls At Parties Review - Nicole Kidman Goes Peroxide ...
Michael Crichton's Resurrected Dragon Teeth Should've Stayed ...
No One Handles Detention Well In Class
Prey Review: Dark Stars, Darker Thoughts
Twin Peaks Review & Recap: David Lynch Just Schooled Peak TV


3 Reasons Why Alien: Covenant is the Best in the Franchise Since Aliens
3 Young Adult Books To Read Before They're Made Into Movies
10 things to know about "Twin Peaks"
The 15 BLOODIEST Feuds in Comics History
25 Years After 'Twin Peaks,' The Odd Genius Of David Lynch Remains
30 Shots Ghost In The Shell 2017 Recreated From The Anime
A Storyteller Advises Bu Grads To Write Their Own Life Story
A Film On The Murder Of A Politician
After 100 Years, Is It Time To Remove 'Empire' From Uk Honours System?
Alien: Covenant Edges Past Guardians Of The Galaxy Vol. 2 To Top ...
Alien: Covenant VFX Team Hatches New Neomorph, Xenomorphs
Building The VR Experiences And Worlds Of The Future
Confirmed: Kylo Ren Receives New Tie Fighter In The Last Jedi
Do New Han Solo Set Photos Reveal Famous Star Wars location?
Four ways 'Ghost in the Shell' could have been a better movie
Horror movies are Killing It With Strong Female Characters
How ‘Alien’ Spawned So Many Others - The New York Times
How The Music of GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY 2 Manipulates Your Emotions
How Twin Peaks Invented Modern Television
It Took Total Financial Control To Bring Twin Peaks Back
Mark Hamill Spices Upstar Warswith A Bad Lip Reading
Millions Of Millennials Are Reading Six-Minute Horror Stories Told ...
Reasons Obi-Wan Failed To Kill Off Vader In 'Revenge Of The Sith'
Scifi Short Story: Killian's Perception - Battle The Daemons Of The Warp Tower
Sideways In Hyperspace: Free Serial Space Opera
Space & Scifi Themed Playlist (Mostly Retro, Synth & Spacewave)
Star Wars: Episode 8 Rumor: 'The Last Jedi' Influenced By Prequels ...
'Star Wars: The Last Jedi': Will The Dark Side Win This Time?
'Star Wars' Turns 40: Nostalgia And Worries
The Handmaid's Tale: How Realistic Is It?
What I’m Hoping to See in the “Twin Peaks” Revival
Who Is David Lynch, Co-Creator Of Twin Peaks?
Why Guardians Of The Galaxy 2 Is A Better Sci-Fi Movie Than Alien Covenant
Why The Dark Knight Trilogy Is The WORST Thing To Happen To Batman
Why Twin Peaks Still Rules
Writers' And Readers' Heaven
Young Han Solo's Ride Looks Anything But Speedy On Set



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