Monday, May 22, 2017

Link Round-Up: May 22, 2017

3D Printed Mass Effect Prop Folds Up Just Like in the Game

25 Wheeled Wonders of Maker Faire Bay Area

According to The New York Times, Marie Boltenstern creates intricate metal jewelry with 3D printing for the family company, Boltenstern. Maria prints the designs in the company’s Vienna location. 18-karat gold bracelets that normally sell for upwards of $29,000 are now printed in 20 hours or less.

Barbuzzo Gifts has created a set of 4 chemistry lab shot glasses, modeled after actual laboratory glassware, that feature 3 mini beakers and an Erlenmeyer flask to pour your beverage of choice into. Each shot glass has measurements printed on them to “help you better serve your special lab recipes.”

Brilliant Mary Poppins and Yondu Mashup Cosplay

Google’s new AI tool turns your selfies into emoji.

Graphic Designer Turns Transit Networks Around The World Into Minimalist Maps

Graphic Designer’s Surreal Composite Images Look Straight Out Of Dreams

How the Fidget Spinner Origin Story Spun Out of Control: Several publications credited Catherine Hettinger as the inventor of the fidget spinner. She isn’t.

The Ingenious Way TV Logos Were Made Before Computers

Inks and metal powders form wonderfully vibrant cloud-like forms in liquids in the photo series Heavy Metals by Italian photographer Alberto Seveso.

Let’s Talk About Desktop Metal

Real-Life Education in Protecting Your Creative Work In a Digital Age

Why Every Artist Should be a Great Storyteller

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