Friday, May 12, 2017

Sci-Fi Round-Up: May 12, 2017


Impulse Gear's Seth Luisi On Farpoint, Playstation Vr'ssci-Fishooter
Interview With J.H. Moncrieff, Author Of The Ghostwriters Series
Jon Spaihts Interview: Passengers, Prometheus


20 Best Horror Movies Of The 21St Century
2017 Locus Award Finalists Announced
5 Stunning Revelations From That New Johnny Depp Expose
American Gods Will Get A Second Season On Starz!
Batman V Superman's Home Release Lands A Big Honor
Blade Runner 2049's Story Fascinated Harrison Ford To Do A Sequel
Cannes Purists Decry Netflix Inclusion As "Dangerous" Precedent
Daisy Ridley, Tom Holland Sci-Fi drama 'Chaos Walking' Travels To ...
Ewan Mcgregor Still Wants To Make An Obi-Wan Kenobi Spinoff
Here's What's Coming Up In The Future For The Star Wars franchise
IBM Makes It So Star Trek Bridge Crew Gets Watson-Powered Voice Commands
Iconic Alien Weapon On Leeds Display
Mondo's Anniversary Vinyl Release For The Fifth Element Soundtrack ...
Moon Concept Designer To Direct The Sci-Fi Film Archive Starring Theo James
More New Rumors About Doctor Who's Next Doctor
Physicists Put Minds Over Matter At Black Hole Symposium
Robots Will Take Over The Workplace, Tech Experts Warn
Sarah Shahi's Near Future Vr Thriller Reverie Is Heading To Nbc
Saudi Arabia To Help Buildwestafrica's Largest Oil Storage Terminal
Sci-Fi drama 'Reverie' Picked Up To Series At NBC
Sci-Fi London Film Festival Came To A Conslusion
Star Wars: Ewan Mcgregor Still Up For An Obi-Wan Film, But Is Not ...
Syfy Hits The Reboot Button For Their 25Th Anniversary
Syfy Reboot Includes Greenlit Krypton Series
The Locus Science Fiction Foundation Has Announced The Top Ten Finalists
Tropico Studio Announces Surviving Mars, A New Sci-Fi City Builder
Ursula K. Le Guin's 'The Left Hand Of Darkness' Coming To Television
Ursula K. Le Guin's Scifi Classic 'Left Hand Of Darkness' Is Coming To Tv
Watch Newlyweds Have A Light Saber Battle Instead Of First Dance ...
Woody Harrelson Is Totally Psyched To Be Appearing In The Han Solo ...
Woody Harrelson's Han Solo Character Is A "Good At Heart" Criminal


Alien: Covenant Review: An Intergalactic Dud, But Will Loyal Fans ...
Alien: Covenant Review: It's Better Than 'Prometheus'!
Am I The Only Person On Earth Who Hated Andy Weir's The Martian?
Elex: The Next Big Sci-Fi RPG?
Energy Carries Guardians Of The Galaxy: Vol. 2
Excalibur Is The Only Good King Arthur Movie
I Really Didn't Want To Say Yes To Guardians Of The Galaxy Vol. 2 ...
Prey Is Basically Bioshock In Space, And That's A Great Thing
Ridley Scott Has Restored His sci-Fi mojo With Alien Covenant


40 Years Ago In A Galaxy Far, Far Away, 'Star Wars' Was Born
5 Underrated Sci-Fi Films To Stream On Netflix
8 Sci-Fi Shows You Should Binge Watch
99 Countries (Inc. English Hospitals) Hit By Ransomware Attack Carried Out Using Leaked Nsa Tools. Welcome To The Age Of Cyberterror, Comrades.
A Potential Glimpse At The Ships Of The Han Solo Movie
A Vc And Sci-Fi Author Ask: Are We Living Inscience Fiction?
Before Alien Covenant: Ranking The Alien movies from Worst To Best
Can Robots Feel Pain?
Costume Designer Ane Crabtree On Creating The Handmaid's ...
David Letterman Turns Serious At Ims: He Lauds Soldiers, Blastswar
Elon Musk's New Tunnel Rail Wormhole Thingy
Forget Nations. Here's Proof That Apple Rules The World
From 'The Martian' To Mars: How Hollywood Aids Space Exploration
How A Boulder Reservoir Lifeguard Found His Future In Space
How Alien Changed The Horror Genre Forever
How Cyber Attacks Can Crash Economies, Destroy Governments Is The Current Buzz Around The 38-Year-Old Stalker Justified? Yes.
Making Sense Of Movies And The World
The Mothership Podcast: 'King Arthur' And Our Obsession With Fantasy
Naming Your Kid Kylo Is Definitely Not A Good Idea
Netflix Orders French Sci-Fi series 'Osmosis'
Plot Twists That Defy Genre Expectations Robin Hood Based Cyberpunk Comic?
Rogue One Writer Feels That Films And Games Are In The Same Creative Space
The Science Behind The Terrifying Xenomorphs Of Alien: Covenant
Star Trek's Unique Deal Allows Home Auteurs To Go Where No Fan Film ...
Star Wars: Kylo Is Fastest-Rising Baby Name For American Boys
Star Wars Day 2017: 'May The Fourth Be With You' Memes
Stranger Things, Season One: Government Spying And The ...
Take A Deep Dive Into The 1973 Sci-Fi disaster Flick The Neptune Factor
The 25 Best Sci-Fi Films Of The 90s
The 8 Most Anticipated Summermovies of 2017
The Enduring Legacy And Learnings From The Apollo Moon Missions
The Power Of Science Fiction, With William Shatner
The Threshold Of Our Reach... A Black Mirror-Esque Piece Of Flash Fiction
These Are The 6 Scariest Home Invasion Horror Movies
Who Knew The News Could Be So Cyberpunk?
Why 'Babylon 5' Is Still One Of The Greatest Sci-Fi shows Ever
Will Anthony Hopkins &Amp; Evan Rachel Wood ('Westworld') Be 6Th Pair ...



Alien: Covenant Clip - Beware The Facehuggers
Arnold Schwarzenegger - Behind The Scenes Of Predator (1987)
Blade Runner 2049 Vs. Blade Runner Trailer Comparison
Elon Musk Video Touts Test Of Speedy Tunnel Transit System
Grindhouse And Postmodernism
Hitler On A T-Rex: 'Iron Sky: The Coming Race's Trailer Is Here
"Home" - A Sci-Fi Short Film
Impressive Sci-Fi short Is About A (Maybe) Alien Who Just Wants To Go Home
Prism - Corridor Digital: Anyone Else Remember This Old, Cyberpunk, Gem ?
Raiders Of The Broken Planet Gets New Details And Trailer
Sci-Fi Dark Souls 'The Surge' Gets An Exciting, Violent Launch Trailer
Ship Of Heroes Releases Mission Maps Video
The History Of Comic Book Films: Part 12 (2008)
This Shot-For-Shot Blade Runner 2049 Trailer Analysis Is Sci-Fi Deja Vu
Trailer For Sci-Fi action Film Kill Switch Gives More Indication Of The Plot

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