Thursday, May 25, 2017

Sci-Fi Round-Up: May 25, 2017


Director Milton Ginsberg Talks About His New Sci-Fi Film
Cory Doctorow On Cyber Warfare, Lawbreaking, And His New Novel ...
Neil Degrasse Tyson Talks Movie Accuracy With The Citizen-Times
Q&A: Junot Diaz, Pulitzer Prize-Winning Author
Sci-Fi author Nnedi Okorafor On Creating An Interstellar Coming-Of Story


2017 Elgin Award Candidates
Carrie Fisher Would Have Led Ninth Star Wars movie, Says Lucasfilm ...
Check Out The Avatar Cast Checking Out The New Disney World Land
Cleopatra TV Series In Development At Amazon
Enter The Synestia - A Proposed Class Of Donut-Shaped Planets
Fox Looks To Sci-Fi, Fantasy This Fall; Macfarlane In Space
George Lucas' Daughter Put An End To Joseph Fiennes Star Wars Dream
Milla Jovovich Responds To Resident Evil movie reboot
Milla Jovovich Slates The Plans To Reboot Resident Evil
NASA’s struggle with radiation-resistant microbes
Nebula Awards 2016 Winners Announced
New Star Wars The Last Jedi Details & Photos
The New Mutants: X-Men franchise will be horror film
Pandora: Crews Put Finishing Touches On Animal Kingdom's Avatar Land
Philip K. Dick’s Electric Dreams: Mel Rodriguez & Vera Farmiga Join Series
Rare Star Wars toy Sold For £21600 On Film Series' 40th Anniversary
Star Warsat 40: Fans Recall The Magic Of Seeing The Film that First Summer
Tron: Legacy Director Reportedly Eyed For Top Gun 2
Westworld-Style Robots Will 'Be In Our Homes' Within Ten Years
You Spider-Can Be Spider-Man With Your Very Own Spider-Drone


Alien: Covenant: Sequel Prequel Feels Lost In Space
Circle Proves To Be Epic Sci-Fi drama (No, not that Circle, the other one.)
Comedic Sci-Fi adventure The Final Specimen: Arrival Will Weird Out
Planet Nomads, An Exciting Sci-Fi Sandbox
Walkaway Review: Cory Doctorow's Science Fiction crammed With Ideas


5 Ways Star Wars Created Modern Nerd Culture
9 Animals With 'Star Wars'-Inspired Names
13 Free Cyberpunk Books From Multiple Authors Via Instafreebie
17 Movies on Netflix That Might Sound Bad But Are Actually Amazing
40 Things That Happened Because Ofstar Wars
40 Years On and Star Wars continues To Spark Our Imaginations
A Love Letter To Leia's Legacy And Carrie Fisher's Genius
And Here Come the Star Wars Waterworks Again
Busy Dads Do Sci-Fi, Ep. 39: Doctor Why?
Can We Ever Make Peace With The 'Star Wars' Special Editions?
Could We Use Virtual Reality To Design Better Products?
Deus Ex On Twitter: We Are Now Living In A Deus Ex Game
Everything You Probably Never Knew About 'Star Wars'
From Racist A.I. To Sex-Bots: 10 Fictional Technologies turned Reality
Geek Pride Day 2017: 5 Fast Facts You Need To Know
How Arrival Changed The Original Story To Be About Choice
How Dc Universe movies are More Successful Than You Think
How Joseph Fiennes Lost The Obi-Wan Role In The Star Wars prequels
How Princess Leia Helped Me Claim My Own Womanhood
How Tech And Fashion Are Combining To Disrupt The Status Quo ...
I Just Watched Star Wars for The First Time, And You're All Crazy
In Space, No One Can Hear You Scream
Inside 'Jurassic World,' The Roaring New Field Museum Exhibit
It's Up To 'The Last Jedi' To Take 'Star Wars' Into The Future
Looking Back At 'Moonraker's Insane Attempt To Turn James Bond Into 'Star Wars'
May The Force Be With You: 40Th Anniversary Of Star Wars
Mr India, Bollywood's First Sci-Fi film: 30 Years On
Nobody Wanted Star Wars... (Oh, And Darth Vader Was Real)
Okay World, You Win: Bring On The Escapist Summer movies
Ranking The 40 Greatest 'Star Wars' Quotes Of All Time, For The 40Th ...
Rey's Lightsaber In Star Wars: The Last Jedi Is Hers, But Comes With ...
Ridley Scott Continues To Unravel The Backstory Of His Sci-Fi creation
Seven Canceled TV Shows That Deserve A Second Chance
Star Wars 40th Anniversary And Fashion Inspiration
Star Wars 40th Anniversary: Readers Share Memories Of Seeing Film ...
Star Wars 40th Anniversary: That's No Moon ... But What If It Were?
Star Wars Celebrates 40th Birthday
Star Wars debuted 40 Years Ago Today. Here Are 40 Things We Hate ... 
Star Wars: Episode IX Originally Focused On Leia
Star Wars Head-Banging Stormtrooper Explains The Classic Blunder
Star Wars' Head-Banging Stormtrooper Had The Shits, It Turns Out
Star Wars Introduced World To Its Galaxy, Far, Far Away 40 Years Ago ...
Star Wars Is 40 Years Old Today, And Now We Also Feel Really Old
Star Wars Nerds, Mark Hamill Is One Of You 
Star Wars: Princess Leia Changed How We Think About Film Heroines
Star Wars: Shock Real Reason Luke Skywalker's Lightsaber Was Green
Star Wars: Snoke Is Still A Mystery In The Last Jedi
Star Wars: Unsung Heroes Finally Share Their Stories
Star Wars Was A Critical Hit From The Get-Go
Steven Moffat Promises 'Some Real Belters' For Whovians
The 20 Greatest Comic Book movies of All Time, Ranked
The Handmaid's Tale On Tv: Too Disturbing Even For Margaret Atwood
The Best Sci-Fiand Fantasy TV Series Out There Right Now
The First Time I Saw Star Wars: 40 Years Of Memories
The Glass-Half-Full Gift Of The Only Official Unaltered Star Wars original ...
The Strangest Star In The Galaxy Is Acting Up Again
There Will Never Be Another Star Wars
This Is What "Star Wars" Looked Like In The Late '70s
This Isn't The VR We've Been Dreaming Of And That's A Good Thing
Twitter Celebrates Douglas Adams's Life With Towel Memes
Walker: Superheroes, Sci-Fi And Human Experience
'Westworld,' 'Black Mirror' And Other Tech-Driven Shows Delve Into ...
What Is A Supermassive Black Hole? Two Are On A Collision Course
What's In Star Wars: The Last Jedi And What's Not
Why Do We Want Robots To Destroy Us So Badly?
Why Far Cry 5's Extremism Enables Ubisoft To Criticize America
Why Valerian & The City Of A Thousand Planets Is Doomed To Fail
Why We Celebrate 'Star Wars'
With 'Game Of Thrones' Out, Series Emmy Race Sports Plenty Of Drama



An Escape To The Moon... Leaving It All Behind.
Anonymous - The World We Currently Live In... (2017-2018)
Crash Of The Moons - 1954
Exclusive Rogue Warrior: Robot Fighter Trailer Premiere
Game Of Thrones Trailer: First Extended Look At Season 7
New Valerian And The City Of 1000 Planets Trailer
Peter Parker Tests Out His New High Tech Suit in the Third Trailer for Spider-Man
Sony Has Patented A Contact Lens That Is Blink Powered And Records Video
Star Trek: New Orleans Class Starship!
Stuff We Love:Star Wars within A Minute
The Strain Gets A Full Trailer Setting Up The Beginning Of The End
This Scifi horror Short Contains One Of The Creepiest Space Monster
Top 4 Classic Robot / Sci-Fi Movies You Must Watch In Your Lifetime!
Valerian Trailer Plunges Dane Dehaan And Cara Delevingne Into A ...
Watch The First 10 Minutes Of Underrated Sci-Fi Horror Flick 'Life'
Watch the first Chinese woman to win a Hugo headline an Audi commercial

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