Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Link Round-Up: April 5, 2017

Archive Of Early Japanese Animated Films Is Now Available For Viewing

Artist Brings You To A Hilarious Alternate Universe Where Humans Are Pets

Canadian artist Aelia Petro has created a wonderful line of hand-crafted, custom polymer clay jewelry that features dragons of all kinds – sleepy dragons that gently drape upon a person’s shoulders, a dragon with spread wings climbing up one’s arm or a resting dragon atop an adjustable ring. Each of these pieces along with dragon necklaces and dragon hair accessories are available for purchase or custom order through Petro’s site or through her Etsy page.

How To Piss Off Photographers With Just One Sentence

Meet the Graphic Designer who earned $1 Million Selling Fonts and Graphics Online

On a legendary episode of Man at Arms: Reforged, the talented team of blacksmiths and craftsmen at Baltimore Knife and Sword built a real-life version of House Stark‘s formidable Valyrian steel greatsword “Ice” from Game of Thrones. They tested out the massive, yet beautiful sword by slicing the head off of a zombie, stabbing a gallon of milk, and chopping a skull in half.

A Trove of Early Japanese Animated Films Is Now Online

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