Friday, April 28, 2017

Link Round-Up: April 28, 2017

American Gods Is Spoiler-Proof Television

Back in 1963, George R.R. Martin, who only had one “R” to his name back then, sent a letter to Marvel to praise Fantasic Four issue #17, saying it was probably the best comic of all time. Here’s a video from the History channel showing the author reading his old letter to us. At the end, we also see George’s old address, which I immediately seeked on Google map.

Fully Operational Fandom: Emmie’s Ultimate Star Wars Fangirl Bedroom

Guy Delisle's Hostage Tells a Grim, True Tale of Captivity in a Haunting, Minimalist Style

How the Internet Is Saving Culture, Not Killing It

Kevin Smith on Criticism vs. Creation during a Hall H panel at Comic Con 2012

Mad Dad Upgrades Cozy Coupe Toy Cars For The Fury Road

Reebok Unveils Power Loader And Xenomorph Sneakers For Alien Day

Strangely enough, it took an Ideas project to finally get Lego to release an official Apollo Saturn V rocket set. Seems like something that they should have done years ago. But, no matter—they’re making up for it in a big (and surprisingly affordable) way.

The Where and the Who in 3D Printing

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