Friday, April 14, 2017

Link Round-Up: April 14, 2017

Brass Zippo Engraved to look like Constantine's lighter

First Look at Hallmark's Incredible Star Wars Storytellers Ornaments: "Pressing a button on the ornaments sends out a signal syncing nearby pieces; this triggers a performance, including coordinated light and sound. The more ornaments you have, the more dynamic the performance. In total, all seven ornaments can perform five major moments from the movie, and there are an incredible 127 possible story combinations."

A Gunsmith Made This Badass Van Helsing Monster Hunter Kit

Many designers who have digitized their hand letterings and logotypes using Adobe Illustrator's pen tool can attest to the frustration that surmounts during this process.  In this latest episode of Astute Graphics’ ‘#10MinSkills’ series, designer Will Paterson shares a valuable hack that will shave hours from your vector workflow. Learn how to master anchor points and handles in this “life-saving” tutorial below. If you want to master the Adobe Illustrator’s pen tool for free, try your hand at The B├ęzier Game.

Orphanage for Lost Adventures: Jeroen van Kesteren creates steampunk-influenced airships from cardboard, paper and aluminum foil.

Playing Chess on a Beautiful, Magnetized Globe

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