Monday, April 17, 2017

Link Round-Up: April 17, 2017

The 3rd season of the CreativeMornings podcast features some real gems.

A First Glimpse Of Disney Parks’ Star Wars-Themed Lands

How To Go From Charging $25 For Your Logo Design To $2,500

Inventor and YouTuber Warner “wermy” Skoch (@sudomod_wermy) has been keeping fans in suspense about his mintyPi v2 for months. The original mintyPi was, in Skoch’s words, “Raspberry Pi Zero running RetroPie, a hacked-to-pieces DS Lite controller, and various other bits” crammed into an Altoids tin. It was cool, but not very attractive. This second version has a much sleeker design and would be an awesome little gadget to pull out of your pocket and show off to all your friends.

Marvelous and super-detailed visualizations of the complex structure of the human brain

Theme park ride designer David C. Cobb on Nintendo, The Wizarding World of Harry Potter, and next-gen theme park design: My first trip to Wizarding World Orlando, I walk behind the 3 Broomsticks restaurant and I see a table full of kids in school robes with their heads in books. Who reads books at a theme park? I walked up and asked what they were reading. They were doing their homework. Wait what? They explained they went to the junior high right behind the park and have season passes. Their parents let them come to the park and do their homework. They're doing their real homework in a fake school in cosplay. Universal didn't design that into the park but it's happening.

Super-detailed visualizations of the complex structure of the human brain

Why Are America’s Tax Forms Still So Horribly Designed?

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