Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Sci-Fi Round-Up: March 16, 2016

“Transfer” by J.C Park.

"Transfer" by J.C Park


Calgary Herald interviews Robert J. Sawyer, author of Quantum Night.

Gizmodo interviews Allen M. Steele, author of Arkwright.

My Bookish Ways interviews Robert J. Sawyer, author of Quantum Night.

NBC News interviews Ken Liu, author of The Paper Menagerie and Other Stories.

The New Zealand Herald interviews Lois McMaster Bujold, author of the recently released Gentleman Jole And The Red Queen

SFFWorld interviews Charlie Stross, author of The Annihilation Score.


The 10 Best X-Files Mythology Episodes

10 Reasons To Be Excited For Star Trek Beyond

12 Best Robot Uprising Movies, as chosen by ScreenRant

15 Best Science Fiction Movie Dystopias Of All Time

33 Secrets You Probably Never Knew About the Making of Galaxy Quest

Barnes and Noble examines four immensely influential utopian novels from the end of the nineteenth century.

Brandon Anthony picks The Best Movie Space Battles starting with Battle of Klendathu.

Charles Stross is thinking about cliches and tries to put together a complete list of the hoary genre tropes that literary (no TV or movies) Space Opera is prone to.

A Complete History of the Millennium Falcon

A crash course in the history of black science fiction: 42 black science fiction works that are important to your understanding of its history. Nisi Shawl has assembled a rich syllabus of novels and story collections, from 1859 to 2015.

Den of Geek of Are young adult dystopia films in decline?

io9 explains The Problem With Teleportation

Ken Liu’s output is as amazing as his stories

The Real-Life Filming Locations of Famous Sci-fi Dystopias

Real Scientists Talk About What They Love in Science Fiction Books

ScreenRant picks the 20 Best Star Trek Episodes of All Time

Star Wars: 10 Ways The New Films Could Improve The Prequels

Star Wars: Episode VIII Will Be a Lot Less Secretive Than The Force Awakens. The hope is that no Bothans will die in the course of this production.

Star Wars: JJ Abrams admits Force Awakens Leia-Chewbacca mistake

Why J.J. Abrams’ Star Wars Had A Lot Fewer Lens Flares Than Star Trek

Will AI Surpass Our Own? More importantly, Are the Robots Coming to Get Us?

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