Thursday, March 3, 2016

Comic Round-Up: March 3, 2016

Wade Wilson by Jimbo Salgado

Interview:  Acknowledging that “we’ve entered the era of the graphic novel,” former DC Comics president and publisher Paul Levitz offers some advice to comics retailers about how to cater to readers who prefer their stories in big chunks rather than monthly installments.

Interview: Alex Segura edits Archie Comics’ Dark Circle line by day, and writes his own gritty whodunits by night. “Maybe I’m a little twisted, but I see a bit of noir in Archie, so it doesn’t strike me as weird to shift between the two,” he said.

Interview: Jackson Lanzing And Collin Kelly On Taking Over Grayson

Interview: Ben Affleck Reveals That He Didn't Change A Word In BATMAN V SUPERMAN Script

Interview: Georgia Dunn, creator of the webcomic Breaking Cat News, talks about pursuing her dream of being a full-time cartoonist through good times and bad.

News: Deputies in Orange County, Florida, have arrested a man suspected of committing eight armed robberies — two of which while dressed as Batman.

Previews: Buffy Season 10 #25

Reviews: Paul O'Brien on Deadpool & Cable: Split Second.  Sean Gaffney on Monthly Girls' Nozaki-kun, Vol. 2.

CCS celebrating Will Eisner Week.

For Comics to Survive, They Must Align with Movies & TV

I’ve Just Read The Pilot Script To DC Comics And NBC’s New Comedy, Powerless

Lauren Orsini mulls over the legal problems several manga collectors have run into with their erotic titles, and decides not to load up on doujinshi (fan comics) while she is in Japan.

Love for Shrinking Violet. The more they leave those Legion Of Super-Hero characters alone, the better they seem in memory.

Morgan Freeman doesn’t think Ben Affleck will be able to top Christian Bale as the Dark Knight.

Neill Cameron has some tips for making sure your comic is legible.

A new comic series called Vote Loki will see the Asgardian running for president.

One Piece creator Eiichiro Oda has posted the main visual for the upcoming feature film One Piece Gold, the 13th anime film based on the popular manga series.

Six Important Moments From Marvel’s Agent Carter

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