Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Link Round-Up: March 1, 2016

The Walking Dead by Patrick Brown

Artist Amanda Lee, aka "dada16808," has transformed her love for Disney and Hayao Miyazaki films into lovely character mashups drawn using color pencils.

AT&T Ads Highlight How Text-Driving Causes More Casualties Than War

Check out this Firefly 2.0 collection from Living Dead Clothing! I think my favorite might have to be the dinosaur “This Land” dress.

My Wife And I Create Fantasy Creatures From Another World

Not everyone wants to make their own Storm Trooper armor from scratch — but if you’ve got the means to buy a full set, Kevin Weir of KW Designs has designed this FEM7 Armor Kit for female Storm Troopers.

Paramount Must Explain Star Trek in Court or Lose Ownership: "this is why, from a legal perspective, Disney’s decision to destroy the Star Wars extended universe was a masterstroke. The lines there aren’t blurry, which means the studio can encourage fan-made tributes without freaking out about the nature of its ownership."

SoNieuf: I Drew 100+ Movie Scenes That Inspire Me

You're walking on art in France , Seattle [1, 2, 3], Minneapolis, Moscow, Brisbane, Japan [previously], and elsewhere all over the world [1, 2].  Manhole Cover Photography. Photos of manhole covers from around the world.  The Japanese make beautiful manholes. Original idea by Mimi and Robert Melnick who started this obsession back in 1974.  Check out the The Japanese Manhole Art Museum. More art of streets and cities at Ruavista, from Fifties Buenos Aires to Belfast to reverse painted glass signs in Paris, 1900.  More at the Typographic Signage Project; Vancouver's Neon Heritage; Early American Tavern and Inn Signs; and the Emergence of Advertising in America.

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