Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Comic Round-Up: March 15, 2016

Deadpool by Meguro 目黒

Interview: Andrea Tim interviews Munira Mustaffa, the Malaysian intelligence analyst who is the real-life inspiration for the Batgirl character Obscura

Interview: Brigitte “Bibi” Andrade talks about her comic, Bibi

Interview: Jeff Lemire talks to Matt Kindt.

Interview: Mike Mignola on Hellboy After Hell

Interview: Sean Edgar talks to Sean Gordon Murphy.

News: Rob Williams will join Jim Lee on the Suicide Squad book coming out in anticipation of the movie.

News: Slate has released the shortlists for its Cartoonist Studio Prize in two categories, print and online.

Previews: Darryl Cunningham shares panels from a forthcoming work called Six Scientists.

Previews: THE SPIRIT #9

Reviews: Sean Gaffney on A Certain Magical Index Vol. 6. Alex Hoffman on Girl In Dior.  Sean Kleefeld on Howard The Duck. Todd Klein on Doctor Fate #8.  Don MacPherson on American Monster #1.  Andy Oliver on The Cornwall Narwhal. Chris Sims on Advanced Dungeons & Dragons.

The artist Colleen Doran write about her forthcoming Troll Bridge , in collaboration with Neil Gaiman

The best Iron Man/Captain America moments in comics according to Tini Howard.

Daredevil Still Has Plenty To Learn In Final Season Two Trailer

Discussion about Stan Lee and the creation of The Black Panther.

Full-Page '70s/'80s Marvel Ads

Kelly Sue DeConnick helps disprove the notion that women comics artists are rare.

Manga sales in the United States are on the upswing, and Justin Sevakis has some reasons why: a few blockbuster series that are “gateway drugs”

Pathlkrit Sanyal profiles Rachita Taneja's Sanitary Panels, a stick-figure webcomic popular in India

Sally Field Didn't Like "Amazing Spider-Man" Films: "Not My Kind Of Movie"

Tim Hanley looks at the long life of Lois Lane and how her character has changed over the years.

Wolverine is Dead, Long Live Wolverine: The Case for Laura Kinney

Zack Davisson writes about manga translation

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