Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Link Round-Up: March 15, 2016

I Believe - Created by DJKopetAvailable for sale today as a t-shirt for $14 on TeePublic. Check out more featured designs on the Pixalry Storefront. 

"I Believe" by DJKopet
Prints available for purchase from TeePublic. US$20

This Architect Builds Unthinkably Complex Structures—With Legos

From Television To '10 Cloverfield Lane', A Composer Plays With Surprise - "When a film starts, 'you have anywhere from two to 10 seconds to get the audience's attention', score writer Bear McCreary says. He gained this and other advice from his mentor [Elmer Bernstein: 1,2 (previously)], whom he met by chance."

Google’s Chrome Music Lab [Chrome recommended] is a collection of Chrome “experiments,” all featuring Web technologies like WebGL that run inside the Google Chrome browser. Google said that it created the experiments as part of Music In Our Schools month, but the experience should appeal to adults and kids alike: It’s like a Web-based Exploratorium for sound.

Kenneth Thompson searched the internet to find a place to purchase one of Gaff's unicorns from Blade Runner, and when he couldn't find any he decided to make it himself. And while he does sell them, he has provided free instructions and videos to help anyone make their own Blade Runner origami unicorn or chicken. Includes bonus matchstick man instructions.

Moscow Metro: Step back in time in the world's most beautiful underground railway stations

"Mr. Robot" Put A 100-Foot Coney Island Ferris Wheel Over Downtown Austin For SXSW

There’s a life-sized TIE fighter at SXSW!

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