Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Video Round-Up: January 5, 2016

Video editor Tom F. follows up his modernized trailers for Return of The Jedi and The Empire Strikes Back with this modern trailer makeover for 1977's Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope.

The 50 Most Famous Cars From The Last 50 Years! - Jalopnik has created a new animated video, featuring amazing illustrations by Toronto-based artist Scott Park, that highlights 50 of the most famous television show and movie cars from the last 50 years.

Aaron’s Animals: School Pet Peeves - In the latest "Aaron's Animals" video by visual effects artist Aaron Benitez, Prince Micheal, the cat, and his nemesis, Phil, demonstrate a series of pet peeves and annoyances that people commonly experience in high school.

Australian Vlogger Reviews ‘Hoverboards’ - Australian TV and film critic, Ozzy Man Reviews, shares his unfiltered thoughts on the popular two-wheeled, self-balancing, electric scooters known as "hoverboards."

British Guy Rants About the Confusing French Gesture of Cheek Kisses - Paul Taylor, a comedian living in Paris, France, humorously expresses his frustration over the complicated etiquette of "La Bise," the French way of saying hello and goodbye to friends and family by kissing cheek to cheek.

Grandmas Drink Fireball Whisky for the First Time - Los Angeles-based digital magazine, Obsev, invited four sweet grandmothers to taste and share their thoughts on the college party favorite, Fireball cinnamon-flavored Whisky.

Hal And Walter White Are The Same Character - Comedy Central UK has created a wonderful video and blog post that points out the numerous, striking similarities between the Bryan Cranston characters Hal Wilkerson from Malcolm in the Middle and Walter White from AMC‘s Breaking Bad.

John Oliver on New Year’s Resolutions - In this web exclusive clip from HBO's Last Week Tonight, host John Oliver explains how a few simple revisions can help make your 2016 New Year's resolutions more obtainable.

Katana Vs Plastic Water Bottles - Taras Kulakov (a.k.a. “Crazy Russian Hacker“) and the YouTube channel, Zombie Go Boom, recently teamed up to capture slow motion footage of a katana slicing through plastic water bottles and soda cans.

Lamb Plays Like a Puppy - This dog-like lamb, named Birgit, excitedly runs and hops around (and head-butts a pig) while playing with the staff at the Gaia Animal Sanctuary in Camprodon, Spain.

Landing onto Vehicles - Supercut Videos has created a new compilation video that features movie characters falling and forcefully landing onto various vehicles. The full list of films can be found in the video description.

LEGO Bricks: Cheerios Cereal Maker - Astonishing Studios has created a coin-operated machine that dispenses a bowlful of Cheerios with milk using a LEGO Mindstorms EV3 31313 kit. The video shows the machine in action, but also breaks the mechanism down to demonstrate how its individual components work.

Of Oz the Wizard by filmmaker and directory of photography Matt Bucy is a brilliant re-edit of The Wizard of Oz where clips are presented in alphabetical order of the words spoken in the film.

THR's Director RoundtableQuentin Tarantino, Ridley Scott, and Danny Boyle join other directors to participate in the Hollywood Reporter’s Director Oscar Roundtable. Over the course of an hour, the group discusses the state of modern cinema, its challenges, and the future of the art form. The video is part of the Hollywood Reporter Roundtable series, which also includes discussions with writers, cinematographers, and actors.

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