Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Link Round-Up: January 6, 2016

"Scout Team" by Colombia-based Sebastian Kowoll Angel

News: Help the EFF Save the Future, by Reading Some Brand New Science Fiction!

News: New North Carolina Logo Named Worst of 2015

The great Maria Popova, whom I shamefully admit I had never heard of before, posts 16 Elevating Resolutions for 2016 Inspired by Some of Humanity’s Greatest Minds on her Brain Pickings blog.

Howard Chaykin’s Star Wars poster that was given away to fans at comics conventions in 1976.

If you’re starting to think of things to do in 2016 like starting that Patreon campaign here are some tips for Crushing Your First Month that come from actual data.

"In Star Wars Episode III, I just noticed that George Lucas picks parts from different takes of actors and morphs them within the same shot. Focus your eyes on Anakin, his face and hair starts to transform."  (This video shows editing of a scene in The Phantom Menace.)

Sam Weber is giving away a copy of the edition of Dune he illustrated.

"Which is heavier, a ton of feathers or a ton of gold? Everything is equal in a cruelly indifferent universe." Existential Riddles by Ethan Kuperberg.

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