Friday, January 29, 2016

Link Round-Up: January 29, 2016

The Legend Of Star Wars by Tsuneo Sanda

"The Legend Of Star Wars" by Tsuneo Sanda

Artist Turns His Mural Into a Beating Heart GIF In Appreciation of His Fans

Even more Star Wars: The Force Awakens headcannon.

I Used 20,961 Words To Create A Typographic Portrait Of David Bowie

London-based comedy writers Aaron Gillies and James Menzies are behind We Fix Your Advert, a Twitter account dedicated to creating brutally honest parodies of billboard ads.

Maisie Williams pioneers modern fashion.

Meet The Man Who Created Papyrus, The World's (Other) Most Hated Font

“Sometimes You Break Their Hearts, Sometimes They Break Yours” by Marie-Helene Bertino She's an alien, living in our world. She observes and describes. She says amazing things. Enlightening things. Things that make you embarrassed at your own humanity. Is this how we look to the rest of the universe?

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