Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Lecture: Kubrick In Color

Vimeo user Marc Anthony Figueras assembled this intriguing video examining director Stanley Kubrick's use of color in his films. Starting as a black & white photographer for Look Magazine, Kubrick’s first few films continued the trend, but after replacing Anthony Mann on Spartacus, he made the switch to color and never looked back. The director’s eye for fine detail incorporated the color spectrum in remarkable ways.
"Rishi Kaneria put together a brilliant supercut based completely around Stanley Kubrick's use of the color red.  You can watch that here: vimeo.com/112129153

After seeing that, I wanted to create a display of the whole color spectrum through most of Kubrick's films. I truly believe that color is one of the most powerful factors in someone's psychological build.  This video was solely made for the purpose of paying tribute to one of the greatest filmmakers of all time."

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