Thursday, January 28, 2016

Short Film: Starship Spaceship

A good guy on the run must join a Starship of not-so good guys to continue his fight against the oppressive powers of the galaxy.  After funding a Kickstarter in 2014 to produce a rough screener, its finally complete!
"In a galaxy overseen by an umbrella government known as The Vansecta, our characters live aboard a constantly moving spaceship looking for work, legal or illegal. Until a mysterious man named James Luke becomes a part of their crew altering how they all function together, as he is seemingly following his own agenda.

The series will follow the crews path through the galaxy and the people within The Vansecta maneuvering to control more and more. You will see the different cultures of the planets in this galaxy, as well as the intertwining of the religious, spiritual, corporate, government and underworld societies. As well as badass explosions and cool shit like that... BOOM."

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