Monday, January 18, 2016

Video Round-Up: January 18, 2016

In this Saturday Night Live mashup parody of Star Wars: The Force Awakens and the popular CBS reality show, Undercover Boss, Commander of the First Order, Kylo Ren (Adam Driver), goes undercover at the First Order's Starkiller Base as a radar technician named Matt.

101 Facts About DreamWorks Animation - Sam from 101 Facts humorously shares a huge collection of facts about DreamWorks Animation and the studio's many beloved films, including Shrek, Madagascar, Kung Fu Panda, and more.

Baby Elephant Falls Asleep, Literally - Belgium's VTM News shared this short video of a poor baby elephant rolling over on his bum after literally falling asleep. Thankfully, the little guy wasn't injured.

Baby Goat Climbs on Sheep’s Head - Feta, the baby saanen goat, jumping and climbing all over Ramtastic, the dorset down ram, who doesn't seem to mind.

Cats Eating with Their Paws - The latest video compilation from MrFunnyMals features clips of our future feline overlords entering the next phase of their evolution.

Cat Finally Masters Hammock After Many Struggles - Timo, the fluffy ragdoll cat, loves his cat-sized hammock, but it took him quite a few attempts to figure out how to use the complicated lounging apparatus.

Cat Goes Crazy Over Catnip after Sneaking Into Pet Store - This lost cat had the time of her life playing (getting stoned out of her mind) in a pile of catnip toys after sneaking her way into a pet store in the Netherlands. Thankfully, the pet store's employees were eventually able to reunite the cat with her human.

Cats vs. Toothbrushes - The latest video compilation from CrazyFunnyStuff features fearless felines trying to rid the world of evil electric toothbrushes.

Crouching Tiger, Swinging Lightsabers - Visual effects artist, Chris Francis, cleverly added lightsabers and Star Wars sound effects to a sword fighting scene from the classic martial arts film, Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon.

Dad Invents Easy Life Hack for Removing His Kid’s Winter Boots - This clever dad demonstrates the simple life hack (aka #dadhack) he came up with to help his kids remove their wet and/or muddy boots using just one hand.

Friendly Seal Makes Himself Welcome on Tourist Boat - While on a dolphin cruise in Namibia's Walvis Bay harbor, tourist Lynton Jennings filmed this cute video of Junior, the wild fur seal, climbing aboard the boat to say hello (and collect his fish tax).

Gecko Family Dinner - Axel Berglund filmed this cute video of his family of common smooth-scaled geckos adorably chowing down on their dinner together.

Little Girl Thinks Her Dad is Crazy When He Explains Snow - This cute toddler believes her dad has completely lost his mind when he attempts to convince her that snow falls from the sky.

Kitten Terrorizes Baby Tortoise - A rambunctious kitten named Shustrik adorably stalks and pounce attacks his new tortoise housemate, Ritchie, who's just trying to mind his own business.

Peacekeeping Cat Puts an End to Dogs’ Tug-of-War Battle - Mo, the cat, steps in to keep the peace when a tug-of-war match between his canine housemates gets a little out of control.

Saturday Night Live: Golden Globes - After a husband and wife (Adam Driver and Vanessa Bayer) tell their two kids to go to bed during their Golden Globes acceptance speech, the kids (Kyle Mooney and Kate McKinnon) stay up all night worrying if their parents will ever return.

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