Monday, January 25, 2016

Video Round-Up: January 25, 2016

Today's random gifts from Internet is a Star Wars: The Force Awakens trailer edited as an anime opening. If you’re wondering where you’ve heard the music, it's from the opening of Code Geass.

A Bizarrely Edited Version of the Latest 'Batman v Superman’ Trailer - Italian video editor, Aldo Jones, added a bunch of ridiculous and bizarre effects to the latest trailer for Zack Snyder's upcoming superhero film, Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice.

Bloopers and Bonus Footage from SNL’s Kylo Ren Sketch - Saturday Night Live just released this funny collection of behind-the-scenes clips from their recent popular Star Wars/Undercover Boss parody sketch where Kylo Ren (Adam Driver) goes undercover at Starkiller Base as a radar technician named Matt.  Here's the original sketch, in case you missed it.

Boston Accent: The Movie - Late Night host, Seth Myers, pokes fun at Hollywood's overuse of cliché Boston accents and themes in this funny movie trailer parody sketch.

Curious Cat Stands Like a Human - Ryan Kotzin's cute cat has a habit of standing on his hind likes like a tiny person, for long periods of time, whenever he hears or sees something he doesn't recognize.

Dogs Meets Snow - This little dog gets excited when her human gives her the chance to go outside and play (and do her business), but has a quick change of heart when she encounters snow for the first time.  Here's bonus footage of even more dogs frolicking in the snow.

Friendly Cows Greet Dog Every Day - Every day during their morning walk, Dante Renneus and his flat-coated retriever stop by to say hello to a nearby neighbor's three cows.

Giant Panda Has Fun Frolicking in Fresh Snow - This 18-year-old giant panda, named Tian Tian (pronounced tee-YEN tee-YEN), from Smithsonian's National Zoo in Washington D.C. was spotted this morning having the time of his life as he playfully rolled around in the thick layer of snow that blanketed his enclosure overnight.

Go on a Snowflake Safari - In this classic Snowflake Safari episode of Science Friday, Flora Lichtman talks with CalTech physicist and snowflake expert Kenneth Libbrecht, who explains why snowflakes are how they are. Check out this featured Snow Crystal Morphology Diagram

The Great Dog Snow Maze - A thick layer of snow blanketed Finn, the shih tzu's, backyard in Great Neck, New York last night, so his human built a maze for him to run through.

How Can Dragonglass Help Predict The Future Of 'Game Of Thrones? - Alt Shift X walks us through the significance of dragonglass, or obsidian, in and out of the "Game Of Thrones" universe, and uses the information to predict what might happen in the upcoming season.

Modest Puppy Models His New Bandanna - This sassy little French bulldog puppy, named Link (aka Stinky Linky), knows he looks adorably dapper in his bandanna.

Stephen Colbert’s Winter Storm Survival Tips - Late Show host, Stephen Colbert, offers some helpful advice for surviving the major winter snowstorm, "Jonas," that's currently hitting the Eastern United States.

Walk Off the Earth Performs a Cover of Adele’s "Hello" - Ontario, Canada-based band, Walk Off the Earth, and their professional tap dancer friends, Myles Erlick and Isaac Lupien, from "The Next Step," gathered in a garage to perform a brilliantly unique rendition of Adele's smash hit, "Hello."

The White Room - In this brilliant sketch by Chris Smith and Jack De Sena, a guy named Cody learns that he has died and finds himself in a mysterious white room with a mysterious man who gives him sixty seconds to ask any questions he has about his life and the Universe.

Winter Snowstorm Jonas, a time lapse in Manhattan - From a window looking down upon the Upper East Side of Manhattan, watch snow accumulate in a time lapse made during winter storm Jonas, the city’s first big snowstorm of 2016.

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