Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Link Round-Up: September 22, 2015

Back to the Future by John Polidora

"Back to the Future" by John Polidora

In August 2014, WhatDoTheyKnow user James Burbage made an official request to Transport for London, in accordance with the rules of the British Freedom of Information Act, in order to gain access to a geographically accurate transit map that plotted the accurate distance between stations. Surprisingly, Burbage received an acknowledgement within two days and the map just a month later.

Infographic: What Would the Starship Enterprise Cost?

Japanese woodblock prints re-imagined as animated GIFs.

New Pottermore Kicks Off With Harry Potter’s Family History From J.K. Rowling

STEM education meets Guinness Book of World Records with world's largest bridge built from toy construction set: "A lot of engineers have probably grown to like engineering through playing with toys like Meccano."

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