Friday, September 4, 2015

Link Round-Up: Sci-Fi Ambient Noise

Some people relax to music, some people like to leave the television on in the background, but personally, I prefer some soft ambient background noise.  As someone with a job that requires me to spend massive amounts of time working alone, I find that silence leave me "itchy" but music tends to be too distracting.  No matter how little attention I'm paying to the music, I find myself groping for the pause button every time I have to concentrate on something.

Of course, as a hard core geek, I don't just settle for any ambient noise.  Let's face it, as a kid who crisped if sat too near a window, the sound of rain and gentle breezes is really a non-starter.  Sci-fi themed ambient noise in my jam.  Here, I've rounded up a list of links to some of the nerdiest ambient soundtracks to be found around the web.  

Of course, you don't like any of the ambient noise soundtracks posted below, you could always mix your own with the Warp Speed SciFi Background Noise Generator or the "Aboard the Enterprise" and "Mid-Voyage" sound consoles over at

Bookmark this page and stay tuned for regular updates!

Star Trek: TOS Bridge Background Ambience

Star Trek: TOS Engine Sound

Star Trek TNG Ambient Engine Noise

Star Trek: TNG Bridge Background Ambience

Star Trek: TNG Cargo Bay Background Ambience

Star Trek: TNG Ten Forward

Star Trek: Deep Space Nine Quark’s Bar

Star Trek: Deep Space Nine Infirmary

Star Trek: Voyager Astrometrics background

Star Trek: Voyager Bridge Background Ambience

Star Trek: Voyager Engineering Warp Core Background Ambience

Star Wars Cloud City Spaceport

Star Wars Coruscant Skyrise Apartment

Star Wars Coruscant Traffic Background

Star Wars Death Star

Star Wars Echo Base

Star Wars Jabba's Place At Night

Star Wars Jedi Temple

Star Wars Nar Shaddaa Casino

Star Wars Space Battle Background

Star Wars Super Star Destroyer Bridge

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