Friday, September 11, 2015

Illustration: Moving Mountains

Written by Joshua Sim of Rational Comics

Me: Well that's a cute parable, kind of contrived, but ... oh. Holy shit.  Welp.  I'm a pussy. 
Rational Comics is a fantastic creates amazing works of art that are as inspirational as they are beautiful.  I highly recommend clicking through and browsing the site, then bookmarking it for later.

"The tale in the comic is based on the true story of Dasrath Manjhi, a man who literally moved a mountain. Like the comic, Manjhi’s motivation was the passing of his wife. As he was unable to get medical help from the neighbouring village for his wife in time, Manjhi decided that others in his village shouldn’t suffer the same fate.

It took 22 years of digging to carve a proper path between villages. He may look like a simple and humble man, but this man has ambition and selflessness.

You can real the full story and compare the pictures and the comic at Oddity Central."

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