Monday, September 21, 2015

Gaming Round-Up: September 21, 2015

Super Mario Bros. by Mike S. Miller & Teodoro Gonzalez

"Super Mario Bros." by Mike S. Miller & Teodoro Gonzalez

News: New research shows clearing rows of polygons may also help clear minds of addiction cravings. Playing Tetris for three minutes decreased craving strength for addictive substances by approximately one-fifth.

News: Why two Supreme Court justices played a violent video game to help decide a major case.  They couldn't remember which games they'd played, but they didn't really take the experience very well.  "There We Were, Killing Everybody," Justice Recalls.

AV Club’s Gameological Society got together to share their most surreal experiences with the games in honor of Super Mario Bros‘s 30th anniversary.

In light of Super Mario Bros‘s 30th anniversary, Nintendo's recently released game design software, Super Mario Maker has been under close scrutiny.  The Washington Post's  Michael Thomsen offered a critical review of the title, and on Tumblr, Carolyn Petit muses that what is missing from Mario Maker is a sense of continuity or a journey for the player.  But at Stay Classy, games scholar Todd Harper argues that to expect professional sophistication from Super Mario Maker is to miss the point.

At Kotaku, Patricia Hernandez argues that the problem with Mario Maker is how comparatively new players are to making their own games.  Mark Brown helps out with a short Youtube tutorial that suggests design principles of past Mario games to incorporate into your own levels.

The New Games Criticism is Paul Kilduff-Taylor's response to Kieron Gillen's classic (10 year old article) The New Games Journalism.

At Paste, Luke Winkie goes into detail about how a collective of dedicated Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic 2 fans built out an ‘extended edition’ of the game using unfinished assets left on the game disc.

PC Gamer has launched PC Gamer Pro, a new subdomain dedicated to esports news.  Here’s the inaugural post.

"Preservation of old games involves more than just an extra patch. The journey from dusty unplayable relic to polished, cross-platform installer is a minefield of technical and legal obstacles. The team at Good Old Games remain the industry leaders in the restoration of classic PC games, tasked with reverse engineering code written more than 20 years ago, unraveling knotty licensing issues left behind by defunct development studios, and battling lethargy on the part of skeptical publishers. It’s a thrilling and, at times, gruelling process, but – as the GOG team will testify – it never fails to surprise."

Quintin Smith and Leigh Alexander chronicle their recent adventure with the Netrunner UK Nationals Tournament, in which Smith placed seventh.

Some genius invented a Game Boy that's also a guitar.

What happens when game designers and poets collaborate? Great things, according to Thomas McMullan of Alphr.

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