Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Comic Round-Up: September 8, 2015

Spectacular Spider-Man by Dexter Wee, colours by Omi Remalante

"Spectacular Spider-Man" by Dexter Wee, colors by Omi Remalante

Interview: Colleen Frakes talks about her graphic memoir Prison Island, and what it was like to grow up on a prison island (where both her parents worked).

Interview: DC’s Bombshells Explode With Creativity! An Interview With the Artists of DC Comics Bombshells #2 and an Exclusive Cover Reveal! 

Interview: David Harper talks with artist John Paul Leon on his cover work

Interview: Matt Dembicki interviews Rebecca Goldfield about her new nonfiction graphic novel Captive of Friendly Cove, the story of John Jewitt, who was taken captive by the Mowachaht people in the early 19th century.

Interview: Richard Siri, aka Liniers, creator of the comic strip Macadnudo as well as Big Wet Balloon and Written and Drawn by Henrietta (the latter two published by TOON Books), talks about his comics and other work and how the character Henrietta made the transition from Macanudo, in which she is a character, to her own book.

News: A copy of Suspense Comics #3, published in 1944, sold for $173,275 at auction last month, setting a new record for a non-superhero comic. Artist David Sutherland, who has been drawing the Bash Street Kids since 1961, unveiled the official plaque at Beano headquarters.

Reviews: Richard Bruton on Space Dumplins. Henry Chamberlain talks to Jessie Hartland. Rob Clough on comics by Glynnis Fawkes. Sean Gaffney on The Devil Is A Part-Timer! Vol. 2. Todd Klein on Green Lantern: Lost Army #3.

Bart Croonenborghs on My Funeral.

Ben McCool offers some solid advice for would-be comics writers.

Bob Temuka notes that the new publishing recalibration of Marvel likely means no "Ultimate" Marvel Universe. I wasn't a fan of those books, although I recognize the qualities that made The Ultimates for a time the industry "it" book.

Electricomics, Alan Moore's new free comics app for Apple tablets has arrived, and it comes with an anthology featuring work from Garth Ennis, Leah Moore, Colleen Doran and Big Al himself. Moore gives an interview about the project here.  From their FAQ page, it appears that they do/did want to bring it to Android, but iOS was simpler. It also appears that they were working with an (primarily) iOS developer, so that may have had something to do with it too. Limited money seems to be their biggest hurdle.

Gina Gagliano has some suggestions for aspiring creators on how to stay current on the comics industry without going to conventions.

The local newspaper profiles Chris Simons, owner of the Vancouver comics shop I Like Comics. He went into comics retailing almost on a whim: Simons was applying for a job at a pizza place, two years after being laid off from a management job, but he walked away: “Being laid off — it was crushing. I couldn’t bear the thought of that happening again. To succeed or fail, I wanted it to be on me,” he said. He spent his last $400 on some 1960s comics from a Craigslist ad, sold them a couple of days later for $2,000, and embarked on a new career.

There's a nice piece up at Comics&Cola about DC's plans to release an omnibus collection of its Gotham Central series.

Todd Klein recalls a lettering gig where the design was intended to convey a largely forgotten way of presenting work.

“We’re basically purveyors of dreams,” says Dave DeMarco, co-owner of Legend Coffee and Comics in Omaha, Nebraska. “My hobby is my job.”

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