Monday, September 7, 2015

Comic Round-Up: September 7, 2015


"Raven" by MeganLara
Prints available for purchase from Etsy. US$5

Interview: Jessica Abel writes about the importance and power of editing

Reviews: Henry Chamberlain talks to Jessie Hartland. Adam Frey talks to Heather Antos. Jeol Meadows talks to Scott Dunbier. LK Roberts talks to Colleen Frakes.

30 Things We Could See On Netflix's "Luke Cage"

Artificial Intelligence Can Now Paint Like Art's Greatest Masters

Emma Thompson Feels “Tiny Bit Cynical” About Superhero Movies

A Guide to Every Sci-Fi and Comic Book TV Show this Fall

How Rocket And Groot Explain The Problem With Comics

In the third part of Michael Cavna’s series on boundaries on the funny pages, Rina Piccolo (Tina’s Groove) and Stephan Pastis (Pearls Before Swine) discuss the constraints they work under and why newspaper comics have descended into blandness. Pastis points out that a lot of the comics running today are reruns from a previous era (“What other part of the paper recycles content?”)

“Just kind of look around, find something that looks weird and don’t be afraid to ask questions,” says Sam Berlin of the Athens, Ohio, comic shop The Wizards Guild, offering advice to comics and gaming newbies.

Marvel Reveals the Identity of Their Totally Awesome Hulk

Marvel Star Wars Comic Will Explain C-3PO's Red Arm

Misha Begley picks five shojo manga series that go beyond their target audience.

A new exhibit at the British Museum features three manga creators: Tetsuya Chiba (Ashita no Joe), Yukinobu Hoshino, who does sci-fi manga, and Hikaru Nakamura, creator of Saint Oniisan (Saint Young Men), a slice-of-life comedy in which Jesus and Buddha take a break from their godly duties and move to an apartment in Tokyo.

R. Fiore looks at “mainstream” comics that even a self-described comics snob can enjoyHawkeye, Sex Criminals, The Fifth Beatle, et al.  I would add Saga and Sandman.  You've gotta have a heart of stone not to love those two.

Raising Dion: a diverse comic book that turns its back on superhero tropes

Todd Allen looks at challenges facing the comics market

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