Thursday, September 3, 2015

Comic Round-Up: September 3, 2015

"Arkham Asylum" by Chris Stevens

Interview: Ben Hatke, whose Zita the Spacegirl trilogy was a big hit with younger readers, talks about his new book Little Robot, and shares a preview.

Interview: Janelle Asselin discusses her work as a comics editor and now as the head of Rosy Press, which publishes the anthology Fresh Romance.

Interview: Liz Suburbia discusses her graphic novel Sacred Heart, a story about a town where all the adults have disappeared; it was originally serialized as a webcomic.

News: Alan Moore's Digital Comics App Launches - Hollywood Reporter

News: Twelve-year-old Cameron Bippen was  looking forward to attending Tampa Bay Comic Con, but had to miss the event due to unexplained seizures. Following his release from the hospital, Cameron’s neighbors in Riverview, Florida, threw him his own comic convention, complete with costumed guests and a visit from members of the Tampa Bay 501st Star Wars Legion.

Reviews: Michael Bround on COPRA.  Johanna Draper Carlson on Elk's Run #1. Cameron Koch on Detective Comics #44. Brandon Mulholand on Detective Comics #44.  Andy Oliver on A Bit Of Undigested Potato.  Abraham Riesman on Chicago.

Andrew Garfield did indeed deserve better.

Ant-Man’s Bad Biology Defeated Science. Now We Must Save Superhero Movies.

Cartoonist Ed Piskor notes that Frank Miller's classic run of Daredevil was like many Marvel comics sold as a black and white in certain European countries. That would seem very much worth collecting if you were obsessively into those comics.

Con report from Randy Golden about Wizard World Chicago

Emma Coats offers a list of 22 #storybasics I’ve picked up in my time at Pixar.

Here’s a list of Japanese readers ranking the Top 5 “Most Traumatizing” Manga, traumatizing here meaning “emotionally wrenching.”

Lucy Bellwood's comic about a whitewater rafting trip through the Grand Canyon.

A new study claims that expanding the San Diego Convention Center is a good idea and will benefit tourism, trade shows, etc. The report favors adding on to the existing center instead of building a new “campus” which would just happen to have a new stadium for the Chargers attached to it. Mayor Kevin Faulconer likes the idea, but he still needs to figure out how to pay for it.

There is nothing more fun than an old comic-book cover done in wash.

This article at Vanity Fair by Joanna Robinson rounds up Ike Perlmutter gossip, including  how cheap Marvel junkets were: Subway sandwiches were provided (gourmet wraps and panini are the usual); Ike became nonplussed when people took more than one Coke; and hungry reporters at an Avengers press event had to raid a nearby junket for provisions because Marvel’s food ran out.

Vernieda Vergara looks at how Bleach has fallen out of favor, although it was once ranked with One Piece and Naruto as one of the Big Three series.

We’ve got two Supergirl casting announcements to share today, too! First off, according to, we’ve got Iddo Goldberg, who’ll be bringing Red Tornado to life. Then, according to Comic Book Resources, we’ve got famous character actor Glenn Morshower who’ll be starring as Lucy and Lois Lane’s overprotective father.

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