Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Comic Round-Up: September 23, 2015

Spider-Man by Barnaby Bagenda

"Spider-Man" by Barnaby Bagenda

Interview: John Porcellino and Caitlin McGurk discuss teenage memoirs with Mike Dawson.

Interview: Kelly Kanayama talks to Christian Ward

Interview: Lisa Hanawalt interviews her former Pizza Island studio-mate Kate Beaton about why everyone should know who Ida B. Wells is.

Interview: March artist Nate Powell explains "I credit X-Men and thrash metal with giving me a social conscience"

Interview: Sam Thielman talks to Kate Beaton.

Interview: Venditti & Jensen Threaten "The Flash" with Eobard Thawne

News: The Court of Owls is Coming to Gotham

News: Comic book legend Jeph Loeb to be featured in Distinguished Speakers series

News: Weaveworld: fantasy novel adaptation coming to The CW | Den of Geek

Reviews: Rob Clough on the comics of Gabrielle Bell. Andy Oliver on Tracks.  Dominic Umile on Sam Zabel And The Magic Pen.

Batman and structural racism

How to Survive a Zombie Movie, according to Hey U Guys

The Walking Dead: 6 Characters the Show Did Better

When Google Play Censors Your Comic Books

Why Do Comic Creators Publish Comics When? It's All About The Cash Flow

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