Thursday, September 17, 2015

Comic Round-Up: September 17, 2015

Thor vs Iron Man by In-Hyuk Lee

Interview: Sam Thielman talks to Kate Beaton.

Interview: Scott Snyder, Brian Azzarello and Jock discuss the themes of police brutality and gentrification in Batman #44, which Snyder says are directly inspired by incidents such as the death of Eric Garner.

Interview: Swedish comics creator Mattias Adolfsson discusses his creative life.

News: Kodansha Comics is teasing the “Biggest ‘Attack on Titan’ Manga Announcement Ever” for its Oct. 8 panel at New York Comic Con.  The series has more than 50 million copies in circulation around the world; 2.5 million of those are in the United States. Attack on Titan has changed the manga market, Kodansha Comics’ top brass tell Deb Aoki, showing that manga can still sell in the millions even after the market slumped.

Previews: Harley Quinn #20

Reviews: Rob Bricken on Democracy.  Michael Buntag on Seconds. Tony Guerrero on Tokyo Ghost #1. Robert Kirby on For Lovers Only.

Reviews: Democracy Is the Anti- 300, and One of the Best comics of the Year

Ben McCool provides tips for entry into the comics industry as a writer.

Batman confronts police racism in latest comic book

The Differences Between Batman v Superman and Civil War.

Following the publication of her graphic novel about podcasting and radio narratives, Out on the Wire, Jessica Abel has taken the logical next step and started her own podcast, also called Out on the Wire.  Very meta.

How the Batman Dark Knight Trilogy Changed Comic Book Movies

James Whitbrook walks through Hawkgirl's concept-history in summary fashion.

Top 10 WORST Legends of the Dark Knight story arcs

Trouble With Comics writers pick powerful and affecting graphic novels.

Why Africa needs indigenous superheroes

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