Friday, September 11, 2015

Comic Round-Up: September 11, 2015

The Amazing Spider-Man Vol. 2 No. 36

Interview: Child Soldier author Michel Chikwanine talks about his experiences after being kidnapped in the Democratic Republic of Congo.

Interview: Esther Keller interviews G-Man creator Chris Giarrusso

Interview: Michael DeForge discusses meeting Charles Burns (and forcing him to eat a butter tart), how he came to work on Adventure Time, and more.

Chloe Bennet's new Quake costume in Agents of SHIELD

David Harper examines why Marvel and DC remain important — “indispensable,” even — despite the ascendance of creator-owned comics.

Gabriel Roth writes about his daughter’s love of superhero comics — particularly Tiny Titans, in which the humor depends heavily on knowing DC continuity — and his mixed feelings about that

Suicide Squad Rumor: This Is Probably the Super-Villain All the Villains Were Recruited to Fight

Vania Prodanova discusses the anime and manga scene in Bulgaria, where money is scarce and the market is small, but interest is high.

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